All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day
October 16, 2023 secretary

We will be honoring these people at our All Saint’s Day Services the weekend of November 5 .  Church members will be listed on the screen and there will be a chance for you to light a candle for loved ones past and present, even if they are not recognized or named on the screen.

 Church Members

 Dean Allen

Fran Anderson

Joyce Antonini

Richard Becker

Henry Cakora

Debbie Dial

Vickey Farson

Clarence Filyaw

Jack Hall

Mitch Mitchell

Pat Mitchell

Paul Pearson

Norma Rupp

Lyla Talley

Jill Weber

Ron Weyhrich

Terri Zimmerman


Friends of Church

Richard Becker

Richard L. Giddens

Marth Marilyn Kuntz

Sharon Robinson

Brittany Nicole Sharp

Theresa Smith

Jim Smith