Grace Softball Tournament

Grace Softball Tournament
July 14, 2022 secretary

Our team made it!!! Congratulations to the Softball team!  They have made it into the tournament.  We are so proud of them, but more importantly we are proud that they are showing God’s love and grace with others in the sports community. If you would like to watch the championship games, please follow the schedule listed below.


AUG. 15

Games at Mineral Springs- 2

G-1 – (1) North Pekin Nazarene vs. (8) Prairie Bible, 6 p.m.

G-2 – (4) Grace United Methodist vs. (5) Creve Coeur Christian, 7 p.m.

G-3 – (2) First United Methodist A vs. (7) First Presbyterian, 8 p.m.

G-4 – (3) CBC vs. (6) City Church, 9 p.m.


AUG. 16

Games At Mineral Springs- 2

G-5 – G-1 winner vs. G-2 winner, 6 p.m.

G-6 – G-3 winner vs. G-4 winner, 7 p.m.

G-7 – G-5 loser vs. G-6 loser (third place), 8 p.m.

G-8 – G-5 winner vs. G-6 winner (championship), 9 p.m.

Rain dates: Aug. 22-23, Aug. 29-30