Youth Mission Trips

Each summer Radical takes a group of students and adults to serve in a community and meet their needs. This can be hard work, but is always a rewarding experience where we encounter Jesus through the work we do and the people we meet. If you've never been on this type of trip before, it's much more than a week-long getaway, it's an transforming experience you'll never forget.

The Big Question: Why go on a mission trip?

There are needs everywhere, but the experience of going someplace new to enter into a different culture and place with people you've never met can be life-changing. This allows God to move in fresh ways where our distractions from home won't get in the way. It helps you to step out of your comfort zone and learn how serving others is the most rewarding lesson you'll find.

Jesus lived a life of service and going on a mission trip helps you to see the power of serving in all areas of your life.

When do they go?

Every summer in July, typically the 2nd or 3rd week.

How much does it cost?

Cost can vary depending on participation in fundraisers and each year's trip, but is typically somewhere between $250-$350.

Where have they been?

Our Radical students have served all across the country. Some places we have been are: Martin, SD; Birmingham, AL; Niagara Falls, NY; Chattanooga, TN; Denver, CO; Bayou la Batre, Al; Queens, NY; Osage Nation, OK and other places as well. In 2020, our group plans to serve in Louisville, KY.

What kind of work do you do on a trip?

Most of the time we are either working with people or doing small work projects. Some examples of service projects have been: kids' club, nursing home, painting, yardwork, clearing trails, food bank, homeless ministry, sidewalk Sunday school, and clothing bank. It all depends on the needs in that particular community and what ministries are they have for us to serve.

Do they serve through a certain organization?

Yes, Radical uses YouthWorks to plan our mission trips. They have a great reputation and build fantastic, long-term relationships serving in the communities, as well as great programming and staff.

How do I sign up?

The best way is to come to Radical and connect with us! However, you can also contact Grace's Youth Pastor, Trent Moberly, at or call the Church office at (309) 347-7131 and as to speak with Trent. He'd be glad to give you details about being a part of our next trip!

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