Why Grace?

Not just a Church, but a family...

Spiritual Growth

Helping people to understand who Jesus is and what a life following Him is all about is our main goal. Whether it's a sermon, bible study, small group, or Sunday school class, Grace UMC is a place where people can learn about God and grow closer with Him.


Jesus commands His followers to love their neighbors as themselves. While this church doesn't do it perfectly, it's a desire of ours to be more like Christ in how we meet the needs of the people around us. This has been evident in a commitment to a monthly community meal, an ongoing food pantry, snack packs for local elementary-age children, and even gifts for many community children each Christmas. 


It's 192 years and counting that Grace UMC can trace it's roots back in the community of Pekin. Since 1850 the Church has had the physical presence of a building in this neighborhood, but has sought to be much more than just that. Anytime a relationship exists for that length of time, it builds mutual admiration and commitment to each other. Our church shares these feelings towards our neighbors in Pekin and tracing our roots helps explain the love we display for those nearby. 


They say music has no language barriers and though we speak primarily English now (it was once a German-speaking church), there is a style of music found at Grace that would speak to just about anyone. On the more classic side there's our organ, choir, bells, brass, holiday cantatas complete with orchestras, and we've even put on an opera. As for more modern styles, there's our praise band playing the most current worship music & country music services. We've hosted many Christian concerts - both rock and pop, and have even featured Christian rap artists for the youth to enjoy. Even if some "Christian language" is hard to relate to, we hope the music here will speak to your soul clearly.


The phrase "Church family" is sometimes overused, and perhaps it is the case here as well. This is undoubtedly worth mentioning as a strength of Grace UMC though because of the care many have experienced from others in this place that has resembled exactly that - a family. Whether it's offering a hot meal, prayer, or simply a helping hand in a tough time, our Church supports each other. 

This church values you, and invites you to see
why Grace UMC is a place you can belong.