Sharing God’s Grace


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SIX YEARS AGO, Grace United Methodist Church took a leap of faith and built the Family Life Center. Through this, we have been able to accomplish many wonderful things to the glory of God. We’ve also been able to further our church’s mission of sharing Jesus Christ and helping people grow in their personal relationship with Him. God is using our gifts and resources to help meet the many unique needs of our members and community.

“What we’ve accomplished so far is amazing, but we still need your help and resources to continue growing these programs. This will help us fulfill God’s Mission of sharing His Grace with our community and the world.”   – Rev. Dr. Joel Catlin

Top highlights of how Grace has made an impact


Reaching our community with music
  • Music opens eyes and speaks to the soul. Our new stage, state-of-the-art sound system and video technology help minister in a different way to those in our community.
  • We expanded our worship services on Sunday to include a modern, Contemporary Worship experience in the Family Life Center.
  • We can now host various Christian concerts, children’s programs and other musical events for our community.
Helping friendships grow
  • The Family Life Center added a bigger space for fellowship within the church.
  • Families and visitors now feel welcome to gather, chat and connect with each other in the Grace Café – the coffee bar and bistro-style tables make the space inviting and warm.
Hosting meals for those in need
  • Helping our community with the most basic needs – like a warm meal – is another way we have used our new space to share God’s love.
  • Our state-of-the-art kitchen, Grace Café serves hundreds of needy people in our community a hot meal.
  • Many of these families receive daily bread from our Food Pantry.
  • Our new set of offices are centrally located just off to the side of this area for easy access to additional help and spiritual guidance.
Giving young people a place to play and belong
  • Our Family Life Center also allows us to reach out to young people in our community.
  • The full-size gymnasium hosts Upward Basketball – a faith-driven youth basketball program.
  • Additional organized adult basketball and volleyball teams also take place in the gym.
  • We also have amazing youth and teen programs. If your kids haven’t checked out JAM Time, TLC or Radical yet, it’s a must-do (and don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors!)

The Sharing God’s Grace campaign

The financial stability of Grace remains an important priority of church leadership. We are continually looking at how we can reduce our debt, so we can sustain and grow the many ministries we offer. Through the Sharing God’s Grace campaign, we hope to raise $850,000.

Where we stand with payments today

Currently, Grace is paying over $14,600/month on our loan. The good news is the church has already received lead gifts totaling $300,000 from church members to help kickoff our campaign. We are now looking to you and others in our community to help us reach our next major goal – gathering an additional $200,000 to reduce the principle by the end of 2018 and $350,000 in funds by the end of 2020.

How far Grace has come in paying off the expansion?

Since we started the Growing God’s Grace campaign in 2012, we’ve already paid off $1,331,600. That’s an amazing show of faith and giving from our members, and we’re so thankful for all you have done to get us to where we are today. The total cost for the Family Life Center expansion ended up being $3,421,660. As of January 2018, we are at a loan balance of $2,090,000.

The plan for paying off debt

STEP 1: Raise $850,000
STEP 2: Apply $500,000 to the principle by end of 2018
STEP 3: Add $350,000 to the escrow account to help service the debt

If we can pay off another $500,000 on our loan by the end of year 2018, the church will be able to restructure its debt to greatly reduce the monthly obligation. This will decrease our payments to $9,300/month from the current level of over $14,600.  It will also save the church thousands of dollars in interest and allow us to still pay off the loan in 20 years or less. However, we must build our Sharing God’s Grace escrow fund to a sufficient level to make the remaining payments and fulfill our mission.

How you can help?

Every person that walks through the doors of Grace UMC experiences the impact of your generous giving and support. Maybe they only come once. Maybe they have been diligently attending for years. Whatever their story is, your gift is helping make a lasting impact and legacy for His kingdom. The more people we minister to, the more we can share the love of God.  First and foremost, this isn’t just about the present, it’s about the sustaining the mission of Grace Church for generations to come!

So we’re asking each one of you to pray about it! If God leads you to make a charitable donation, every gift and amount helps. You may decide to do a one-time pledge or a weekly/monthly commitment. Please fill out your commitment card and bring it to our Sharing Celebration Event on Sunday, April 29 or drop it by the church office.  We also encourage you to get involved and learn more about Grace ministries. This lets you see first-hand how your financial stewardship is helping those in our community.