Meet Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Joel Catlin 

Pastor Joel has been serving at Grace UMC from July 2016 to Present. 

Life is crazy for all of us. It is even more so if we do not have a focus and help. My failures and God’s blessings have led me to believe that Jesus is the best focus and best help we can have. Focusing on Jesus is God’s design for a meaningful and blessed life. It takes a faith community to keep Jesus at the center of our lives. Grace church is about helping people find and grow in Jesus to the point where we all help our friends, family and others do the same. This isn’t easy but it is a life long adventure and it is usually fun.

I really like fun and a good laugh. I also love adventure. I find a lot of adventure through my passion for the outdoors. I love deer hunting, fishing, wilderness exploration and just a good walk in the woods. I also love theatre, especially acting and writing. I have an interest in art and especially carving.

I have found the most awesome friends, and fellow adventurers in the churches I have served. The dedication and sacrificial love of God’s people never ceases to amaze me. Sunrises and sunsets in the wilderness can leave me in a state of awe but the look in the eyes of the Child of God engaging in a ministry that they were met by God to do is the best.

The greatest adventure of my life is trying to live for Jesus. I share this adventure with my soul-mate, Rev. Donna Catlin who led me back to Jesus at a time when I thought Jesus was done with me. Together we have three great sons and three wonderful daughter-in-laws. They have blessed us with 7 amazing grandchildren. The adventure continues. Come along if you can.

- Pastor Joel