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Welcome, we're glad you've decided to check us out! Grace United Methodist Church is a place where many people have been able to explore their faith and find meaningful community. Giving people an opportunity to learn about Jesus and what it means to follow Him is something this church strives to do, and is a privilege we'd love to have with you.

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To keep learning more about the community here at Grace UMC, continue exploring our webpage, and also take a look at the  Grace UMC Facebook page!

A great way to get a feel for our services is to view our services live through Facebook on a Sunday morning or check out a previous service with our Facebook library or our YouTube page.

If you feel like taking the step to visit, it would be an honor to have you join us and get to meet you! Check out Grace's worship service times for an easy opportunity to stop in and get a feel for our church. You're welcome to contact us ahead of time if you'd prefer, and we will do what we can to help you feel right at home, as well as fill you in on what you'd like to learn more about during your first visit. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions as you consider joining one of our worship services.

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God Bless, we hope to meet or see you again soon!