Common Questions

Common Questions

What can I do to help?

Pray Constantly –

God can use you and your resources if you let him. Every gift no matter how big or small helps our overall goal with the Sharing God’s Grace campaign. Ask God how much you should give and ways you can be involved in reaching our community.

Get Involved –

Learn about what is happening in our church. Volunteering your time is a great way to see firsthand the impact these ministries are making for our community. You’ll likely find you also enjoy being able to give back and use your own talents for God.

Turn your prayers and faith into action –

Simply fill out the pledge card and let us know how you would like to help Grace United Methodist support our goal to pay down debt and fulfill our mission.

How do I make my donation?

We want to make your donation as simple as possible for you. You can turn it in at church on Sunday, mail it to our office, or set up an Automatic Payment from you bank account every month.

Does Grace accept non-cash donations?

Absolutely. Many of us naturally think about giving straight from our income, but there are many other creative ways you can help give to Grace. This includes gifts of stocks, bonds, insurance policies, personal property and real estate, trusts and other appreciated assets. So, while some may make a weekly or monthly cash offering, others have and will give more tangible assets.

What if I can’t fulfill my pledge?

Your pledge card is not a contract. If you can’t fulfill your pledge amount, don’t worry about getting follow up calls or past due notices from the church. That won’t happen. Many who faithfully give are pleasantly surprised in how God provides and helps them fulfill their promises – especially when they must stretch beyond their means. Please contact Grace to update your pledge amount if you truly cannot continue at your current level of giving.

What if I have other questions?

Email or call 347-7131.