Common Questions

What can I do to help?

  • praying-handsPray Constantly - Seeking God’s will is the foundation for Sustaining God’s Grace. Pray for our church, its members and its ministries. Pray that God will open your heart and mind to take decisive steps in your own journey of faith.
  • Get Involved - See what is happening and what God is doing in our church. Learn everything you can about our ministries.
  • Make Your Own Prayerful Commitment Decision - Turn your prayers and faith into action. Make a giving decision that honors God and is right for you. Faithfully and joyfully join your gift with the gifts or our congregation on Sunday, May 3, 2015.

What is our financial challenge?

Individually, the challenge is for each of us to find the unique ways we can help to achieve our goal for our church. For some it means a weekly or monthly offering beyond our current support for the church. For others it means gifting a tangible asset to the church (stock, real estate, bonds, etc.).

Why are we doing this capital campaign so soon after the last one?images-2

It is important for the church to sustain God’s grace to stay on solid financial footing by keeping our debts manageable long term.  Paying down a portion of the principal of our loan will help us accomplish this.

What are the future ministries or programs we could have if we reduce our debt?

We will be able to expand our youth ministries and grow all of our outreach programs in order to grow the church and bring more people to God.

Can I donate assets other than cash?

Yes, stocks, bonds and other appreciated assets. Check the “Creative Giving” section for ideas.

What happens when someone is not able to fulfill their pledged amount?

The three-year commitment is not a contract and can be changed at any time. If someone is not able to fulfill the pledged amount, they can contact the church finance person and let them know. We will not follow up or send past due notices to people. Your commitment is between you and God.

cross-2Do you think God will help me meet a commitment that right now seems beyond my means?

Yes. Many of us have discovered to our delight how God is faithful in helping us fulfill our promises – especially when we stretch beyond our means. Jesus said, “what seems impossible to us is possible with God,” so we are simply invited to trust God now to fulfill that promise.

How does my three-year capital commitment affect my regular giving to Grace?

Your gift should reflect sacrifice and love over and above what you regularly give.

Will everybody in our church be expected to give to this program?

We hope that each and every family will seriously consider participating in this opportunity. Each gift will be different, large and small, cash and in-kind gifts, but they will work together to do something incredible at our church.

Can I make donations online?

Yes, Grace Church just introduced safe, secure online giving on our site.

What if I have other questions?

Email or call 347-7131.